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Anxiety & Stress

Peak Performance

Mental Training


Life & Career Coaching


I specialised in the clinical field through different methods of intervention derived from cognitive behavioural (CBT) and psychodynamic approaches.

Techniques in which I specialised include: Mindfulness, Psychological Counselling, Clinical Hypnosis, Yager Code Method, Coaching and Performance Psychology (S.F.E.R.A. Model) for optimising cognitive skills and managing anxiety through mental training. Through such techniques and protocols, we will establish together a customized course based on your needs. 

It is important to specify that psychological counseling can not replace, especially in case of mental disorder or physiological pathology, a psychotherapy or pharmacological therapy.


Individual Psychological Counselling 

Couple Therapy

Team Workshops/Seminars


In presence:

Monday from 10 to 19.30

Saturday from 10.30 to 13.30

Online to be arranged: / +49 (0) 1627479994

To book an appointment contact me at the +49 1617479994, I am available from Tuesday to Friday from 18.30 to 19.30.

First session (45 mins) 

Adults - 50 Euros

Students (Stud. ID req.) - 50 Euros

Following sessions (50 mins):

Adults - 85 Euros

Students  - 60 Euros

 The prices for presence and online appointments are identical. These prices refer to private payers only. There is the possibility of a reduction for people in difficult life situations and with low income. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

PhD students are not considered in the costs reduction for students because they receive a salary.

For corporate clients and organisations, other rates apply on request.

Luca Mazzon's Practice is a private practice and the psychological counselling and support  is offered on a pay as you go basis. Within Luca Mazzon's fees are not covered by German public health insurance "Krankenkasse”


Psychological counseling focuses on managing everyday challenges and improving emotional well-being without necessarily delving into deep-rooted issues. It offers practical strategies to address specific concerns and enhance overall mental health.

On the other hand, coaching is geared towards achieving specific personal or professional goals. Coaches provide guidance to develop targeted skills, improve performance, and overcome particular challenges. The coaching process emphasizes action-oriented strategies and harnessing the client's inherent creativity and resources to attain desired outcomes.

Psychotherapy, a more in-depth therapeutic intervention, explores and addresses complex psychological issues. It is beneficial for individuals dealing with deep-seated emotional struggles, mental health disorders, or intricate behavioral patterns. Psychotherapists employ various therapeutic modalities to delve into the root causes of problems, fostering profound understanding and facilitating lasting change. Psychotherapy is covered by German Health Insurances. 

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